Chainsaw Protection Type A Chainsaw Protection Type C



The Oregon Shop highly recommend that 'Type C' Chainsaw Trousers are worn for all applications.

Suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be worn, no matterhow small the job. European standards for chainsaw PPE are published as part of EN 381-Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws.

Protective clothing complying with this standard should provide a consistent level
of resistance to chainsaw cut-through.

Other clothing worn with the PPE should be close fitting and non-snagging.

No protective equipment can ensure 100% protection against cutting by a hand-held chainsaw.

Safety helmet
- to EN 397. (Arborists working from a rope and harness may usea suitably adapted rock-climbing helmet.)

Hearing protection
- to EN 352-1.

Eye protection
- mesh visors to EN 1731 or safety glasses to EN 166.

Upper body protection
- Chainsaw Jackets to BS EN 381-11.

Chainsaw jackets can provide additional protection where operators are at increased risk (eg trainees, unavoidable use of a chainsaw above chestheight). However, this needs to be weighed against increased heat stress generated by physical exertion (eg working from a rope and harness).

- to EN 381-7.

The use of appropriate gloves is recommended under most circumstances. The type of glove will depend on a risk assessment of the task and the machine. Consider the need for protection from cuts from the chainsaw, thorny material and cold/wet conditions.

Leg protection
- to EN 381-5.

Chainsaw boots
- to BS EN ISO 20345:2004 and bearing a shield depicting a chainsaw to show compliance with EN 381-3.