Oregon Standard manual head
  • Fitted with Nylium® Starline in 2.4mm diameter.
  • Requires a square mounting bolt to fit to brushcutter.
  • Extended eyelets offering a firm support to the line and preventing premature line breakage.
  • The spool incorporates diamond shaped slots for optimum orientation of 2.50mm Flexiblade™.

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Aluminium OREGON® Jet-Fit™ heads
  • Heavy-duty aluminium head.
  • Features easy loading mechanism.
  • Uses 26 cm pre-cut line of any shape from 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm.
  • Supplied with pre-cut pieces of FLEXIBLADE™ and washers to fit the majority of counter-clockwise brushcutters.
  • Incorporates a graduated profile that supports the line over a large area which prevents overheating and premature line breakage.
  • Position FLEXIBLADE™, TECHNI-BLADE™ and square line ideally at 45°.
  • Gets the ultimate out of FLEXIBLADE™.
  • 2-line model 111110 is designed for small (> 25cc) to medium powered brushcutters to perform traditional brushcutting applications.
  • 4-line model 111111 is designed for 40 cc and up brushcutters to perform heavy-duty outdoor and forestry applications. The 4-lines are set on two levels to cut and grind thick vegetation.
Please note a choice of sizes are available

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